Prince…..The Silent Angel

It’s been almost a month and I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that the multi-talented musician and entertainer, Prince, has made his transition.  It just still doesn’t seem real to me that he’s gone.

When I think back to growing up as a kid in the 80s, there were 3 entertainers who were pretty much the soundtrack to my childhood:  Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston & Prince.  An unbelievably talented trio that were all in a league of their own.  And Prince was the last of the Mohicans.  But now he’s gone.  What to do? What to do?

Well, the great thing is that a musician never really leaves us….their legacy lives on through their body of work.  But the interesting thing about Prince is…..even though I was truly a fan of his music, I never knew how big of a philanthropist he was until recently—- and apparently, he didn’t want lots of other people to know either.

After reading more information online about Prince and his charitable giving, it seems that he was actually known as “The Silent Angel.”  He gave so generously to numerous charities, but never wanted the focus to be on his benevolence.

Prince quietly supported the Rebuild the Dream charity, which has a mission of training young adults for high-paying careers in technology.  He also donated $1 million to the Harlem Children’s Zone, a non-profit organization for poverty-stricken children and living in Harlem. Prince also donated $250,000 to the Uptown Dance Academy when he found out they were going to lose their space back in 2014. Thanks to his generous donation, they were able to remain open.

These examples and so many others show that Prince was so much more than a musical icon—-he was the embodiment of love and kindness.  What a blessing Prince Rogers Nelson has been to so many.  A silent and giant angel he truly was.  Thank you for both your musical and benevolent legacy that you have left on Earth.


Something old…..Something new

I know it may sound odd, but for some reason, I have never wanted a traditional wedding.  And I’ve definitely never dreamed of a white wedding dress either.  That’s why I was squealing with delight when Kelis announced back in 2005, that she wanted to wear a GREEN dress for her upcoming wedding to Nas.  How awesome!

I remember watching her on MTV enthusiastically letting the world know that she wanted a dress that made folks think of lettuce, greens, spinach, etc…  I was shouting at the tv in my Martin voice, “You go, girl!”  I loved everything about her announcement: the fearlessness, the quirkiness, the boldness.

So yeah, white wedding dresses are cool….but they are so “expected” that my heart never really flutters when I see one.  That’s why when I get married, I would love to wear purple or gold….or maybe even both—-something that makes people think of royalty. (think Coming to America)  🙂    All in all, weddings are definitely beautiful events to attend, but when the wedding attire is unique, it makes the experience that much more memorable for me.

So what’s your take on wedding dresses?  Do you prefer the traditional white or something more unique?



Who’s Got The Check??

In a world full of “independent women” and men that are comfortable letting the woman take the lead, it’s fair to say that when it comes to gender roles, the lines have definitely gotten blurred.

So when it comes to paying on the first date, things can tend to become a little tricky.  Back in the day, (before feminism and burning bras), it was understood that the man ALWAYS picked up the check on dates, especially the first.

But now with folks not knowing “who’s on first,” sometimes picking up the tab can become quite a conundrum.  I am so old-school when it comes to things of this nature… I definitely expect a man to pay for the first date.  No ifs, ands or buts about it.  And I definitely plan on raising my son to court a woman properly and pay for dates as well.

So what do you think—who should pay for the first date: the man or the woman?

What say you??


We Want Prenup?!

To have and to hold. For richer or for poorer.

Eeeek! For richer or poorer?!  At the altar, it all sounds mushy and romantic….but let’s be real.  When the money gets tight in a marriage, everyone’s true colors come out with the quickness.  And 50% of all marriages end in divorce.  Unfortunately, that’s a fact. And if there’s no prenuptial agreement in place beforehand, how does a couple truly know how to divvy up all of their assets if there’s a divorce?

So, with that being said, the QOTD (question of the day) is:

Do you think couples should sign prenuptial agreements before getting married?  What say you?

Happy Newlyweds in Front of Mansion

Cheers To New Beginnings

Thursday, May 12, 2016

WOO-HOOOOO! Wow, today is the day!  Today is the day that I am starting my blog.

Well, technically I started a few days ago by setting up my template and domain, but today is the first ACTUAL day that I am creating a blog entry!

How do I feel?  Hmmm, anxious, excited, happy, nervous…..all at once. Fellow bloggers, how did you feel at the beginning of your journey??

Writing is truly the most fun, as well as the most scariest thing that a person can do. Why, you ask?  Because if you’re truly writing from the soul, you must become vulnerable.  And vulnerability equals authenticity.  And if you don’t have authenticity, why create a blog in the first place?

So, welcome to my side of the blogging world where I plan to inspire, elevate, educate and entertain.

I want you to see the world through my experiences, and I want to be able to see the world through your experiences as well.

This is a place where I want folks from all over the world to share their hopes, dreams and fears.   I want you to express your point of view related to the topics at hand.  I want us to discuss things respectfully.  No man/woman is an island……we’re all in this thing called life together—-whether we agree or disagree with each other.

So, pray for me as I pray for you as we persevere on this amazing life journey together.

~Erica L. Crump

Beautiful White Sands and Clear Blue Water at Kuta Beach, Kuta Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia