In Need of my Queen Sugar Fix

QueenSugar2Aug18  Now that the fall season is fully in swing, new shows are appearing on tv screens all across America.  That means we still have almost seven months before we get to taste Season 4 of Queen Sugar.  For me, that’s just way too long.  I need my weekly Bordelon family fix — especially my Ralph Angel. 🙂

The ups and downs that this family has endured has taken us all on an emotional roller coaster ride.

Season 3 started off with us finally finding out Blue’s true paternity.  We had all been waiting for months with bated breath to determine if Ralph Angel was the father.  When the results finally came back, Ralph Angel muttered, “It don’t change nothing,” while his sisters showered him with their unwavering love and support.


But unfortunately, it did change things according to Darla.  With pressure from her mom, Darla took Ralph Angel to court for 50/50 custody.  In the midst of the heated battle, they both came to realize that they needed to keep the well-being of Blue as their focal point.  Thank God they were able to finally come to terms as mature adults.

In the midst of that drama, a love triangle that nobody ever expected was brewing.  A collective sigh of disapproval was heard around the world when Nova and Remy unexpectedly kissed.  Instead of repenting and moving on, they continued to see each other behind Charlie’s back.  Of course, they could only keep the secret for so long.  Even though Charley was understandably upset, she told Remy point blank that “Nova is family forever, and you will always be fleeting.”  Bloop.

And if dealing with that pain wasn’t enough, Davis threw Charley a curve ball when he informed her that he’s the father of a 13-year-old daughter.

On top of that, Charley’s son Micah wasn’t making things easier for Charley either.  After he gets caught up in an arson case, he turns extremely cold towards her.  Micah lets her know that he’s going to keep hanging with his friends and that he wants to go live with his Aunt Nova.  It just seemed like Charley couldn’t catch a break no matter which way she turned.


Meanwhile on the other side St. Jo, Hollywood continues to convince Aunt Vi to move forward in their relationship.  However, Aunt Vi continues to show hesitancy in getting married and especially in taking Hollywood’s last name.  To add even more drama, Hollywood’s mom visits and puts a couple of bugs in his ear by telling him to think about having his own biological child.  However, the season finale made everything worth it when they finally exchanged vows in their backyard with all of the family there.


Best. Season. Finale. Ever.

Now only six months until Season 4.  Counting down.

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