Time For My Queen Sugar Re-Up!



Anybody else counting down the minutes until the Season 2 premiere of OWN’s Queen Sugar?  It’s been WAY too long since we’ve heard from our beloved Bordelon family, whose patriarch Ernest passed away & left his family with an 800-acre sugarcane farm to maintain.

Because of the smart storylines, incredible acting, and beautiful scenery, Season 1 sucked so many of us in like quicksand.  Watching Queen Sugar simply feels like home and home is always where the heart truly is.  When watching the show, all we see is plush, beautiful land as far as the eye can see.

And everything about the scenery feels so familiar.  It personally reminds me of the land my grandfather owned in rural Athens, Alabama.  As a little girl, my family would travel to Athens 2 or 3 times per year, and I used to always complain that I was bored and there was nothing to do out there in all those fields.  I wanted to go back to my comfortable suburban life.  But baybeeeee, knowing what I know now, there is so much history, power and life in all of that rich land.

But I digress: back to the lecture at hand (lol): Queen Sugar.  Did I mention how versatile and amazing this cast of characters is?  The 3 main characters of Queen Sugar are the adult Bordelon children: Charley, Nova & Ralph Angel.

Charley is the oldest sibling who is trying to piece her life back together after divorcing her philandering NBA husband.  Nova is the weed smoking/selling, spiritual community activist who is dating a White man on the local racist police force.  Yup, she’s all over the place….but her heart is big and kind.


And then you have Ralph Angel.  Oh, Ralph Angel.  Perfectly played by the brilliant and oh-so-sexy Kofi Siriboe, Ralph Angel is going through so many transitions and can’t seem to catch a break.  Sometimes I find myself talking back to the t.v. because at times Ralph Angel makes poor choices and seems to get himself in conundrums that were totally preventable.

But my love for Kofi Siriboe helps me to not stay angry at Ralph Angel.

When Kofi was recently quoted as saying:  “I love Black women, and I shouldn’t have to tiptoe around that fact,” I shouted Hallelujah to the Most High for creating such an amazing man!  And when Kofi shared this awesome vision of his: “I imagine a world where men deliberately, specifically, and unapologetically create a space for women to be all that they naturally are, not all that we want them to be,”  I WAS DONE.  I mean, stick a fork in me done.  Chiiiiile, I didn’t know they were making ’em like this anymore.  And did I mention that Kofi feels that it is super-important for him to connect with this fans, so he responds to tweets, IG comments and (gasps) even opens his DM’S so fans can call leave their number so he can call them directly!  WOOOOOO-CHILE, my temperature is just rising thinking of how sexy, smart, giving and grateful Kofi is.  So because I am so enthralled by Kofi, it really is hard for me to stay mad at Ralph Angel for too long. (lol)


Rounding out the talented cast is Blue, Darla, Remy and Hollywood.

Blue is the absolutely adorable 6-year-old-son of Ralph Angel and Darla.  Darla has been estranged from the family because of her drug habit, but she’s doing her best to show that she’s clean and getting her life back on track.  Remy starts off as a great friend to Charley but eventually develops into her amazing love interest.

But my absolute favorite character is Aunt Vi—who is both the glue and voice of reason in the Bordelon family.  And one of the things that I love most about Aunt Vi is that she’s not the typical overweight, unstylish Southern matriarch.  Aunt Vi is sexy.  And fly.  And smart.  And youthful.  And dating a man that’s 15-years her junior.  And his name is Hollywood.  And I absolutely love it.

Family. Betrayal. Secrets. Legacy. Queen Sugar is giving it to us ALL kinds of ways & I am so here for all of it.   So make sure you catch the Season 2 Premiere of Queen Sugar tonight at 10pm EST on OWN.


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