WOOOOOO-CHILE!!!!!!  It’s one week later and who else besides me is still on a high from constantly re-watching The New Edition movie?!?!


For the past 7 days, I’ve been watching, pausing, rewinding and slow’ mo-ing all of my favorite scenes, especially the ones with my Ralphie-Pooh a.k.a. Rizz.

ralph3    ralph2

Yup, it’s unbelievable that over 30 years later, my childhood crush on Ralph Tresvant has reignited in full force!  I’m telling you that this movie has had me You-tubing all of Ralph’s classic interviews, performances and videos like I ain’t gotta go to work the next morning. LOL!   So as it began for me circa 1985, I still cannot get enough of Rizz in 2017: his voice, his smile, his laugh & his amazing dancing.  Ralph Tresvant was definitely the ORIGINAL BAE for all of us little brown girls in the neighborhood.

But back to the movie though!  Can we just talk about the casting for a minute?!  Yooooooo!  The script HAD to have a disclaimer at the beginning in big, bold letters that read: if you attempt to join this cast, you MUST be able to act your tail off!  Point, blank and the period. Because bay-beeeeeee, Michael Rapaport was perfect as NE’s sleazy, money-hungry manager.  Tank KILLED IT as music executive Jheryl Busby. And Wood Harris was simply BRILLIANT as the amazing NE founder, mentor, manager, choreographer Brooke Payne.newedition

The entire cast was phenomenal (The Littles & The Bigs) but to me, the standout star was Algee Smith, who portrayed Ralph Tresvant.  Algee had Ralph’s look, voice, facial expressions, movements, dances and nuances down-pat to a tee!  It was simply amazing to watch Algee morph into Ralph on screen.   For a minute, I actually forgot I was watching a movie & was thinking I was really watching all of the NE members on screen—-that’s how phenomenal all of the acting was!  And for me, the most amazing performance scenes in the movie were the: If It Isn’t Love video, Can You stand The Rain studio session and the BET 25th anniversary performance.  Again, the cast had each respective NE member’s voice and mannerisms down to a tee!  Awesome sauce!!

And the most tear-jerking scene was when little Ralph called manager, Maurice Starr, on a pay phone on a cold, snowy night in Boston circa 1982 to let him know that he wouldn’t accept a solo deal from him—-Maurice would have to sign them ALL as a group. That scene made me truly realize how big Ralph’s heart was from the beginning. His loyalty was unmatched and I so hate that it wasn’t reciprocated.  My heart truly was hurting for Ralph throughout the movie.  I really do want to talk to him, give him a warm embrace & let him know that God sees ALL and He will reward for all sacrifices.

This NE movie showed how the amazing director, Chris Robinson paid keen attention to detail to make such a believable and powerful biopic.  Thank you to the talented cast, director, producers and BET for collaborating on this incredible movie.  And thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to the legendary New Edition for sharing your story with the world.  It was long overdue and we needed it.

Watching your joy, triumphs, disappointments and ultimate success on-screen has made this the BEST. BIOPIC. EVER. !!!!      #NE4Life

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