Non-Stop Mom Shaming

It’s been said that when a woman gives birth, it’s the closest thing to death.  When I think of the contractions, labor pains & pushing a human being out of my body back in 2003 when I gave birth to my son, it’s enough to make me scream all over again.

So after a woman gives birth to a baby, you would think she would be catered to and doted on by everyone, right?  Wrong.  Unfortunately, now we are in an age of constant mom shaming.

In this age of social media, people have an insane amount of recklessness when they get behind a computer screen.  They post things that they would never have the guts to say to someone’s face.  They’re mean. They’re cruel.  And they’re relentless.  Now moms have to deal with “internet bullies” calling them horrible mothers because of differences in parenting styles.

Take Chrissy Teigen for instance.  Chrissy gave birth to her daughter on April 13th……and less than a couple of weeks later, she & her husband, John Legend, were photographed out having dinner.  Dinner.  A meal that everyone eats every single evening.  Well, folks let Chrissy HAVE IT and shamed her to no end.  Not one to be deterred, a few days later, Chrissy posted a picture of herself in shorts & a low-cut top cooking breakfast at home.  Needless to say, folks weren’t too pleased about that either.  So what’s your take on mom shaming?  How can we return to the days of catering to a new mom instead of constantly shaming her for everything that she does??




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