Something old…..Something new

I know it may sound odd, but for some reason, I have never wanted a traditional wedding.  And I’ve definitely never dreamed of a white wedding dress either.  That’s why I was squealing with delight when Kelis announced back in 2005, that she wanted to wear a GREEN dress for her upcoming wedding to Nas.  How awesome!

I remember watching her on MTV enthusiastically letting the world know that she wanted a dress that made folks think of lettuce, greens, spinach, etc…  I was shouting at the tv in my Martin voice, “You go, girl!”  I loved everything about her announcement: the fearlessness, the quirkiness, the boldness.

So yeah, white wedding dresses are cool….but they are so “expected” that my heart never really flutters when I see one.  That’s why when I get married, I would love to wear purple or gold….or maybe even both—-something that makes people think of royalty. (think Coming to America)  🙂    All in all, weddings are definitely beautiful events to attend, but when the wedding attire is unique, it makes the experience that much more memorable for me.

So what’s your take on wedding dresses?  Do you prefer the traditional white or something more unique?



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